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Mario Kart 8 is in conclusion the best racer of this generation, of that I have no doubt.In fact, Mario Kart 8 also supports the excellent Classic Controller Pro, but if you crave motion controls, the Wii Remote is the best option, especially if you have a Wii Wheel handy.

Since the Wii Remote is designed to be inserted into the Wii Wheel for better grip, players can also play without the Wheel if they choose to.You could unlock 18 more bodies, 17 more sets of wheels and 10.

Yeah, in Mario Kart Wii, players using the steering wheel (tilt controls) display with a white wheel, and players who have won something like 50 races with the wheel (and are using it) get a gold one. I got one.With Mario Kart Wii, you can see Nintendo trying to keep two camps of people happy.

It features forward and reverse driving at 2.5 miles per hour, a working horn, and sound effects from the Mario Kart 7 video game.Dry Bowser is one of the secret unlockable characters in Mario Kart Wii.

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Much of this success is thanks to an intuitive gameplay and control system.By far the best Mario Kart game, now complete with all the DLC released on the Wii U as.In a series that includes what will surely be cross-generational must-haves, the Mario Kart pack will have Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, and Rosalina.

UK retailer GAME has details about the item that is officially licensed from Nintendo.Speed off to new adventures in these 1:64 scale vehicles designed to represent iconic characters from SpongeBob SquarePants and Super Mario Bros.When it comes to motion controls in video games, many of us out there tend to either love them or just flat out hate them.

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Next Bowser is a far second with a fastest time in only four tracks.I was in Wi-Fi the other day, and I saw somebody with a GOLDEN wheel next th their name, indicating that they were using the Wii Wheel.

Wii Wheel must be used with a Wii Remote (Remote not included) Nintendo is bringing Mario and his friends with their finely tuned racing machines back and this time to the Nintendo Wii.

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These cool wheels bring boys of all ages some of the best-loved cartoon or video game characters - in car form.A few days before Mario Kart 8 hits store shelves, PowerA will release a racing wheel based on the Wii U title.

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For Mario Kart Wii on the Wii, GameFAQs has 83 cheat codes and secrets.Mattel and Nintendo are joining forces to create real-life versions of your favorite Mario Kart characters, vehicles, and tracks.These would include the Slick, Cyber Slick and the Slim wheels.

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Do you guys think it is necessary to buy this accessory for better gameplay.

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